Helicopter Pilot

Career helicopter pilots might carry passengers and cargo or assess and relay information from their bird’s-eye view. They must complete an approved flight training program, gain the required hours of flight time and meet the international licensing requirements.

Helicopter pilots can work for an organization or for themselves, and their jobs can be as varied as conducting sightseeing flights or transporting accident victims to the hospital. 

A helicopter pilot flies a helicopter to transport people or things, take video and photographs or collect information and data. … Some pilots provide emergency services, such as search and rescue, medical transport or firefighting. They are also employed by the military.

Commercial helicopter pilots inspect aircraft, controls, systems and instruments before beginning a flight. Pre-flight checks also include consulting with weather forecasts and dispatchers, which provides the information necessary to create a flight plan. The flight plan determines the safest and most efficient route. Pilots operate the controls and monitor the instruments and systems, such as fuel consumption, to ensure the helicopter is functioning properly throughout a flight.