What Does ROAAR© Mean?

Revolution of Aviation Aircrew Recruitment

Why was ROAAR© started?

We decided to start ROAAR© because of the need to revolutionize the Aviation resource management business.

What makes ROAAR© Different?

We offer personalized service backed by many years of experience in the aviation industry. Our clients have the option to have loss of license coverage during their contract with us and their employer as well as other personal benefits not offered by our competitors.

How do I contact you?

Please refer to our Contact Us segment at the bottom of our web site and complete the form submission.

Registration FAQ
My Resume’ wont upload

Specific instructions are provided to for the size and file types in both categories. Please follow the instructions designated in this area of your profile. The file type must match for each piece you are submitting, as well as be below or at the specified size allowed.

Password Reset is not working

During the creation of your profile passwords can not be changed. Your profile must be approved by an administrator prior to additional changes being made.

I did not receive my registration email!

Our system will attempt to deliver your Next Step registration e-mail to the address you included in your profile. Although e-mail is fairly fast there may be time delays in communications from our server to your e-mail processor. We ask you to first please check your spam/junk e-mail folder and then Approve the address of www.ROAAR.Net in your filters to prevent e-mail from landing there in the future.  Please do not create a new profile!  If the e-mail has not been received after four (4) hours please contact us directly from the same e-mail address you used in your profile. Your inquiry can be sent to Support@ROAAR.Net or click HERE. A technician will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Equal Opportunity Employment FAQ

Equal Opportunity Employment laws vary by country.  ROAAR© is unable to assist you in legal proceedings of this nature and refer you to legal resources in your resident country.