Employee Account

As a ‘User” of the ROAAR© website you are accepting our Terms of Use criteria as well as guaranteeing the integrity of your user account and all information you include in your profile.

You, as the employee are submitting your resume for legitimate employment opportunities. As such, we do not recommend falsifying any information for this process. Please note you are not completing an employment application for a specific company at this time. However your resume will be reviewed by a potential Contractor (Employer) to determine if they will go to the next step based on what information you have provided.

Once your profile has been placed in the hands of potential employers, you may be asked to provide additional information for their application process. This may include such things as your private identification credentials to complete a background check. In some countries there are mandatory guidelines included in the background check policy: acceptance and submission to a drug screen, and/or a criminal background check.

These policies and all applicable financial fees are between you and the organization with which you are applying for employment. ROAAR© does not handle any employee financial transactions or governing of Contractor companies.